Bonsai The Bulldog Puppy Has Half A Body, But Lives Life To The Fullest

Bonsai The Bulldog Puppy Has Half A Body, But Lives Life To The Fullest.

This is the story of a bulldog puppy called Bonsai, a pup with many medical conditions and only two paws, but also a pup with a will to live a happy life!

Nothing ever stops this pup from enjoying his life and cherishing all the happy moments with his family, despite his condition. This 6 month old Bonsаi is from Fort Worth, Texas and he might be tiny, but the whole world is his fan!

When Bonsаi was born, he only had half a spine and very tiny deformed hind legs so when he was very young, his back paws were amputated.

Apart from this, the pup also suffers from a form of spina bifida, along with multiple medical conditions. Because of his condition, even the vets don’t know what’s in store for Bonsаi and a proper prognosis also cannot be made.

Bonsаi lives with Elizabeth Hart and she says that she’s not come across any other animal who suffers like Bonsai. She has, however, launched a YouCaring page called “Bonsаi – Half A Bulldog, Twice the Love” so people can come forward to help support this beautiful pup.


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