Feline Snoopy Babe From China Is One Of The Most Popular On The Internet (VIDEO)

Not only people, but also animals can be popular on the on the internet.

One of them Is feline Snoopy Babe from China, taking the internet by storm.

Snoopy is exotic short-hair cat with. His face is basically flat with massive eyes.

His mood depends from how open the eyes are so he can look happy, sad, angry or disappointed.

There are so many emotions in his eyes. You can’t take eyes from this feline. But not just his face, but also and his striped tail is impressive.

Snoopy babe, an American short-hair and Persian crossbreed, has taken the Chinese interwebs by storm with his cute short snout, innocent brown eyes and charming outfits.

His owner often dress up feline Snoopy and sometimes dress him up socks, put him hat on his beautiful head, put the jewelry and post the pictures and videos on the internet. And on this way he became very popular on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Also, feline Snoopy was part of many TV shows, because people really wants to see this cute cat face.

Now, take a look how gorgeous is he, in few minutes. Enjoy!

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