Because This Husky Was Raised By Cats, She Forgot How To Be A Dog!

Because This Husky Was Raised By Cats, She Forgot How To Be A Dog!

This adorable Siberian husky called Tally had lost all hopes on her life, but she still had the will to live so life gave her a second chance when she got adopted at a shelter.

This husky was very happy, she was extremely grateful to her new dog mom and absolutely loved her new home. From a sad puppy, this husky was a happy puppy!

But then strange things started happening, the husky started displaying cat-like behaviors! Tally’s mommy began seeing these displays and started uploading photos of her cat like husky on social media for the world to see! It wasn’t long before Tally became an internet sensation for her cat like behaviors including cat poses, cat sits, and you know, the love for boxes!

Check out these lovely photos of Tally:

Tally and her love for boxes!

Husky playing hide-n-seek!

More boxes!

Tally was raised by cats and sitting like a cat!

Tally being more cat-like!

Tally and her cat like pose on the stairs!

Tally, the husky cat!

Adorable Tally waiting to go outside, maybe?


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